Sunday, May 5, 2013


Dubizzle is quite a popular Buy and Sell or find anything you need site. It has different country options showing more for the Middle East - Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and UAE.

I heard this quite often before, but ignored it. Anyway, I tried using it now, and found luck, was able to buy some baby toys for my little girl. So now, I found myself posting items for sale as well, and its very user-friendly, easy as 1-2-3 when you want to place an ad. ;)

For more info, check the site:


Finally, I was able to sucessfully dispose some of the items I was selling on dubizzle.. Selling items is also fun, I think I might get used to it and sell all our stuff, haha.

Anyway, just a word of caution if you intend to sell anything on this site, you have to be aware that some people could really just be time wasters. Anyway, so far I had 1 bad experience which was the first ever prospective buyer I had, followed by 2 good ones (as I am became wiser just after that horrible experience, haha).

Anyway, the bad experience was.. this prospective buyer sent me a text message asking for 1 of the 10 items I posted for sale. Entertained him as he would like to see the condition, so I gave him my address and directions. He called me that night to view it, and so he came. I made sure that my father was there with me in the living room just in case, to feel safer since these buyers are all strangers to me. When he came, I then showed him the item he asked for, anyway seems like he was not interested with the item, so I moved on to show him more in case he was interested with the other baby stuff. He then decided that he wanted 1 item which I posted for 15 RO (it was in good condition, and branded so I think that justifies the selling price), and he kept telling me that he'll give me 5 RO for it. Getting pestered and just to stop all the haggling and give in to this guy, I finally decided that I will let it go for 10RO just so he'd stop.. but no, his last price was 7 RO, and its fine with me, I respect that that's the final he can offer, but he should've respected my decision too and not keep on annoying me for a long time as I really won't give in anymore, I'd rather keep that item and give to a friend or relative, haha.. I think it took us almost 30 minutes with all the viewing and haggling.. really, really horrible!

So from then on, when anyone calls me, sends me a message or email, I reply to them but make sure that I inform them that the price posted on the internet is final/fixed, and if they are willing to pay for that price and really interested, then I can let them view the item. So far all has been good after that bad experience. ;)

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