Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa: LUXURY SUMMER SALE at the Muscat Grand Mall

Hurry Oman Residents! Now is the best time to grab Shang's summer offer and for sure you won't regret it! They released their offer before for 70RO nett for 2 with breakfast, but this promotion is cheaper and only for a limited time and can only be purchased in MGM.

CiO's Summer Craft Fair on 8th June 2013

Crafty in Oman (A social FB group by women in Oman who are very good at craft making) has initiated a Summer Craft Fair to be held at the Dolphin Village. Please see posters below for more details for both the Crafters/Vendors and Buyers ;)

You will see so many talented vendors and crafty works that will surely make you buy something! If you're planning for any party, this is a good way to look for possible suppliers - souvenirs, invitations, etc.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer Craft Fair on 21st May 2013

The Women's Guild in Oman (WGO) is hosting a Craft Fair on 21st May 2013 at The Jungle Restaurant's Bahja Hall for all you crafty lovers out there. Different sellers will be showcasing their works and if you're planning for any party, then its good to check what these sellers have to offer for a hassle or worry-free party planning. ;)

For more information, you can visit their website at www.womensguildoman.com

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Dubizzle is quite a popular Buy and Sell or find anything you need site. It has different country options showing more for the Middle East - Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and UAE.

I heard this quite often before, but ignored it. Anyway, I tried using it now, and found luck, was able to buy some baby toys for my little girl. So now, I found myself posting items for sale as well, and its very user-friendly, easy as 1-2-3 when you want to place an ad. ;)

For more info, check the site: www.dubizzle.com


Finally, I was able to sucessfully dispose some of the items I was selling on dubizzle.. Selling items is also fun, I think I might get used to it and sell all our stuff, haha.

Anyway, just a word of caution if you intend to sell anything on this site, you have to be aware that some people could really just be time wasters. Anyway, so far I had 1 bad experience which was the first ever prospective buyer I had, followed by 2 good ones (as I am became wiser just after that horrible experience, haha).

Anyway, the bad experience was.. this prospective buyer sent me a text message asking for 1 of the 10 items I posted for sale. Entertained him as he would like to see the condition, so I gave him my address and directions. He called me that night to view it, and so he came. I made sure that my father was there with me in the living room just in case, to feel safer since these buyers are all strangers to me. When he came, I then showed him the item he asked for, anyway seems like he was not interested with the item, so I moved on to show him more in case he was interested with the other baby stuff. He then decided that he wanted 1 item which I posted for 15 RO (it was in good condition, and branded so I think that justifies the selling price), and he kept telling me that he'll give me 5 RO for it. Getting pestered and just to stop all the haggling and give in to this guy, I finally decided that I will let it go for 10RO just so he'd stop.. but no, his last price was 7 RO, and its fine with me, I respect that that's the final he can offer, but he should've respected my decision too and not keep on annoying me for a long time as I really won't give in anymore, I'd rather keep that item and give to a friend or relative, haha.. I think it took us almost 30 minutes with all the viewing and haggling.. really, really horrible!

So from then on, when anyone calls me, sends me a message or email, I reply to them but make sure that I inform them that the price posted on the internet is final/fixed, and if they are willing to pay for that price and really interested, then I can let them view the item. So far all has been good after that bad experience. ;)

Muscat Ads

It is a popular site for Buy and Sell in Oman, although some people even advertise services for hire in that page and could be a bit annoying whenever they flood each page with repetitive posts.

If you are new to Oman, this site can also help you when looking for cheaper furnitures compared to shops as they could be pretty expensive to buy new. Just make sure to check the item first before taking it, and also, make sure to check the posted item's original or current selling price in the market as some sellers tend to sell their 2nd hand items with the original/new price or even mark it up higher. Just a word of caution. ;)

For more information, you can check out their website: www.muscatads.com