Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Muscat Mums

Muscat Mums is a non-profit informal social and support group for expecting mums and mums of pre-school children. Mothers (and Fathers!) of all nationalities are welcome to join Muscat Mums.

Muscat Mums is a voluntary organisation aimed at supporting and facilitating the relationship between mothers and children, providing opportunities to promote the physical and social development of infants and children, and also enhancing friendship and support between mothers.

For more information, you can visit the website: www.muscatmums.com

And you can also request to join the Closed group facebook page Muscat Mums (Please note, its MUMS, not MOMS). You can get loads of information and advice from this page, even buy or sell child-related items up to approximately 12 years old (I repeat, child-related items only as the admins have made restrictions here in order to avoid the page from being flooded with so many furnitures for sale, services, etc. or repeated ads thus losing the main purpose of the group), find activities for your kids to do, and so much more.

I suggest mums in Oman, especially new ones or new to Oman do join officially and by that, I mean paying a fee of only 5RO (as to date) as the benefits are worth it. Here are some reasons why you should join:
  • You can be added in the Muscat Mums Paid Members only facebook group. In this group, there are no restrictions on whatever items you want to sell be it furniture, appliances, clothing, or anything you wish.
  • You can borrow any item from the Lending Library with a minimal fee - large toys (bouncy castles, etc.), toys, baby gear, cake tin, books & DVDs, and premature clothes (which are hard to find in Muscat)
  • Once you're added to the mailing list, you will receive a monthly bulletin which includes information/announcements for Muscat Mums. You can also advertise or submit any write up which will be helpful to any of the sections in the bulletin
  • You can get to attend play dates and group meetings depending on your child's age group (Bumps: expectant moms, Bumps & Babes: newborn-1 year old, Scallywags: 1-2 year old, Cheeky Monkeys: 2-3 year old, Twins & more: babies of multiple birth) 
  • You have access or be invited to special events such as Easter egg hunt, Christmas party, Mums night out, etc.
  • Lastly, you can get to know more mums just like you in Oman. :)

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