Sunday, October 27, 2013

Korean Movie Nights on 10th - 11th Nov 2013

And its back! The Korean movies nights, sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has set the dates for 10th & 11th November 2013, at 7:30PM with a new venue this time at the Muscat Grand Mall (as it was held in Shatti Cinema for the past movies shown).

2 popular movies will be shown on these different dates, A werewolf boy, and As OneBest of all, Admission is FREE, if you get lucky, they might even give free popcorn and drinks (just like last time when I watched in Shatti Cinema). English subtitles are shown so that everyone can understand even if they speak in their native language. 

I always make sure to watch these movies as its free, plus my faithful Korean friend never fails to inform me if there are any upcoming Korean events worth going to. Back in my country (Philippines), most of them are big fans of Koreanovelas (Korean TV shows) and Korean actors/actresses and I would say that Koreans have really invaded our country, they're everywhere. Hahaha! :) 

Anyway, I also love Korean food/dishes so I'm also a fan and dream/wish to visit South Korea someday, I hope. ;)

Now I realized that its our chance to finally watch in MGM as we've never done so after having a baby. ;) So I hope you guys watch on these dates, and enjoy!

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